Outlook Web Access (OWA)

Now it's even easier to access your emails

We make it easy to license your Outlook client, or if you choose, you can simply use Outlook Web Access or your smartphone on the move.

  • Access your email from any Smartphone
  • Optional additional Outlook Licenses
  • Use your existing Outlook 2010 or 2013 license
  • Access your email from any browser

Easy access to your email, calendar, tasks and contacts on the move

Our Hosted Exchange service allows you to access your data on the move, wherever you are. Not only can you use the full, feature-rich Outlook client for accessing your emails, calendar, tasks and notes, you can also access your data using a browser, simply accessing Outlook Web Access.

Outlook, the world's most popular email client

Used by over 500 million office users worldwide, Microsoft Outlook is probably the most successful and widely-used email and groupware client in the world.

Outlook is a great tool for accessing your email, calendar, tasks and notes from your desktop. And the great news is, there's a version for both the PC and the Mac.

Outlook Web Access features


All your incoming emails are stored in your inbox. Email can be filed in sub-folders through drag 'n drop or through the use of Rules.


The calendar is used to store your appointments, meetings and events. You are also able to create recurring appointments.


All your contacts are stored here and can be grouped by Name, Company or any other field. You can also create your own custom fields.


To-do's or tasks are stored in this folder. Each task can be set to alert you when they become due.


Any ad-hoc notes you create are stored here. Notes can also be accessed on your iPhone or other smartphone device.

Outlook Web Access, Outlook on the move

Outlook Web Access (OWA) allows you to access all your important emails, calendars, tasks and notes on the move.

You are able to connect to our Hosted Exchange servers using all the major browsers including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Logging In

You are able to login using the full OWA login or select the "light" option. The light login provides faster usage, but with a reduced feature set.

Outlook Web Access

OWA offers the same key features as Outlook, with the advantage that you can login from a PC, Mac, Linux machine or mobile device with OWA.