Cloud Servers

Frequently asked questions about our cloud servers

What exactly is a cloud server?

To create a cloud server, we take a physical server and use virtualisation to create a number of 'virtual machines' on the physical host server; these are cloud servers, each possessing its own dedicated RAM, allocation of CPU power, in fact everything you would physically need to create a server. The hard disk space is provided by a SAN (a super-fast, reliable disk storage solution), allowing your virtual machine to be moved between different physical servers to maintain optimum performance of your website.

Finally, you install on each virtual machine the operating system that you desire, Linux or Windows and then you have a virtual cloud server. Each cloud server is completely isolated and equipped with an independent operating system.

Cloud server hosting enables you to enjoy all the benefits of a dedicated server while reducing your monthly overheads. With a cloud server you share the expense of acquiring the server hardware and network connections and to eliminate the difficulty and cost of maintaining them.

Cloud server customers share the same hardware node, or physical host computer, they do not have access to each other’s hardware resources (RAM, CPU and disk storage). In other words the cloud server has its own operating system, dedicated application software and complete directory structure. You can restart the cloud server without it affecting any other virtual machines which share the same physical host server.

How soon can my cloud server account be setup?

All cloud server hosting accounts are setup once verification has been completed. Verification should take no longer than 24 hours following the placement of your order. This can be as little as a few minutes.

Can I upgrade my cloud server hosting package?

Yes. You can upgrade from any Intrahost cloud server plan to any other cloud hosting package.

If you wish to upgrade to a plan utilising the same operating system (Windows or Linux – same version), Intrahost can upgrade your cloud server whilst maintaining your original files and settings. Please call us if you need more information before making your upgrade choice.

How many cloud hosting customers are hosted on a physical server?

On each physical server there are a variety of customers with different requirements. Therefore, it is difficult to give a simple answer. However, Intrahost guarantees exclusive resources to each customer.

Our physical hosting servers are more than sufficiently equipped with resources to meet the requirements of the cloud servers running on them.

Our physical servers that are exclusively used for cloud server hosting customers have the latest HP ProLiant DL360 or HP Blade server technology. Each server has 72GB of RAM installed and limitless storage space through the use of advanced network disk arrays (SANs).

All cloud servers are guaranteed to have their own dedicated use of physical resources (RAM, storage space and processing power) that are not available to anyone else on the physical hosting server. The number of cloud servers on each physical server is irrelevant as they will not impact on the performance of each individual cloud server. In comparison shared hosting, hosts multiple websites on a single physical server, which can directly affect the end user’s experience. Shared web hosting does not offer dedicated resources. Popular websites will benefit greatly from dedicated resources.

What applications can I run on a cloud server?

Essentially, a cloud server is the virtual equivalent of a dedicated server. Therefore, software that runs on a physical server should run on a cloud hosting server.

You can install most web–based applications, software and utilities within the cloud server hosting environment without any modifications. Both open–source and commercial applications that are widely tested and utilised will also run successfully on your cloud server, as most applications and services do not have to be aware of cloud server technology.

If you have particular software that you wish to run on an Intrahost cloud server, please contact Intrahost and we will assist you. Remember, there is a 30 day money back guarantee on our cloud server hosting packages.

Are cloud servers secure?

Yes, cloud server hosting is secure. Not only is it as secure as traditional hardware based hosting, but also offers the opportunity for increased levels of security, but without the price tag normally associated with high level security.

There are a number of forms of security, the obvious key forms are physical security and network based security, both of which are equally important, however, both require very different approaches when it comes to achieving them.

In addition, data security is often overlooked by the end user when it comes to the security of a service. However, it is more often the most important aspect of security to consider, especially given that the majority of legislation regarding online services relate to the management of information and data.

What physical security do you have in place?

Physical security relates to the security of the actual machines running the cloud, the physical servers, disk arrays, firewalls and switches; as well as the building they are contained within.

All our cloud servers are hosted upon server networks located in secure data centres. These data centres are protected by a comprehensive CCTV system covering both internal and external areas, a multiple layered pass card access system as well as strict access policies, all of which are managed and controlled by an on-site security team 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

In addition to prevention from unwanted human intervention, all our data centres are protected from natural disaster. All hardware is located in upper floor areas to prevent against flooding, as well as having both battery backup and diesel generator backup. This ensures that in the event of any kind of disaster, your system is able to continue to operate, without interruption.

What network and data security protection do you have on the network?

Data is one of the most valuable assets a business or organisation has, and as such it should be highly protected. Protecting this data and preventing any unwanted network access, ultimately allowing access to the data, are of paramount concern to us at Intrahost, and we go to great lengths to do all we can to protect and secure them.

Our cloud server network not only resides behind a multiple layered firewall network, but is also monitored 24/7 to ensure that any attempts made to access the network via an unauthorised method is prevented and used to add additional future security layers.

In addition to the methods that we employ to prevent access to your data via digital networks, we also prevent access to your data from physical networks, using strict access policy rights, using multiple layered authentication on all of our systems. All of these methods combined ensure that your data and server network is completely secure and protected from any form of unwanted loss or interruption.