Improve ProFTPD performance

A quick fix to fix connectivity or slow connection issues when using ProFTPD is to edit some of the variables (or add them) to the ftp servers config file.

To do this you will need to edit the file directly on the server, either by connecting to the command line using a client such as putty, or by using an ftp based client such as WinSCP.

Both of these applications are free of charge and available from:-

  • Putty -
  • WinSCP -

We strongly recomend using WinSCP, as it is simpler for users not fully confident in linux command line operation. Additionally it is a very robust ftp/ssh client, one which the intrahost staff use as standard.

Once you have installed WinSCP you will need to connect to your server, using an sftp connection type. Use your servers main IP address as the host, and log in using an account with administrator/root privelages. (You can use root if you wish).

Once logged in, navigate to the following location to open up your ProFTPD config file: - /etc/proftpd.conf

When logged either change the settings within the config file to the ones below, or if they are not present, simply add them.

DeferWelcome            on       (The default setting is off)

UseReverseDNS          off       (The default setting is on)

Obviously ensure that each command is added to its own line, and you do not include the bracketed comments above.

Once you have made these changes, simply save the file, and restart the ProFTPD service, either from the command line, or if using a control panel such as plesk or cPanel, restart the service from there.

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